Using Reprodesk you can send data directly to our print queue from your own computer.

Reprodesk is software distributed free of charge by us to ease the transmittal of drawings for plotting. Reprodesk eliminates the problems associated with remote plotting, such as incorrect scaling, missing fonts, shape files etc.

Viewing tools are included to give you full control over the position, size and scale of your prints. A "rubber stamp tool" is also available to add notes and extra information to the prints.

Reprodesk enables you to take full control of your plotting job and then to send it automatically through the internet to us. When you click the "send button" on your computer, Reprodesk automatically collects all the data needed, compresses the file and delivers it in print ready form to our printer.

Combine Reprodesk with our FREE delivery service* and you could have your drawings delivered to a site local to Print Room, even though your own office may be miles away.

Reprodesk features include:

  • FREE collection and delivery service*
  • FREE installation
  • High quality 400dpi resolution prints

Thames Print Reprodesk